Mendozas Guitar Duo

                   The Mendozas Guitar Duo, is comprised of Dean Wachs and Andy Peck.


     Dean Wachs, an adjunct professor at Saint Mary's college, has played the guitar for 44 years. He was also an Adjunct professor at Indiana University at South Bend from 1980-2002. Dean studied the classical guitar with Richard Wisner, and has participated in master classes with Liona Boyd, and Eduardo Fernandez.


     Andy Peck has studied the classical guitar with Dean Wachs at Mendozas Guitar for over 25 years, and currently performs with Dean as the Mendoza's Guitar Duo. He has participated in a master class with David Tannenbaum, and has studied with Richard Wisner. Andy studied music recording at the College for the Recording Arts in San Francisco, and operates Dirty White Couch Studio, a music recording facility.

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