Gerry Zubko

     Gerry Zubko, guitarist, is a 1982 graduate of Indiana University at South Bend with a Bachelor of Music Education degree. He studied guitar under Mendoza's Studio founder Richard Wisner, who began the guitar program at IUSB.


     Gerry began teaching at Mendoza's in 1980, and also performs classical guitar at special events and weddings.


     Gerry's former classical guitar student, Jake Cinninger, has been described by Guitar Player magazine as "an ace guitar slinger who could pick, pluck, strum, sweep, and tap his way through just about any musical situation."


     Of his former teacher Cinninger has said, "Gerry is a super patient guy. He can get on anybody's level and teach them guitar. I learned the ABC's of guitar from Gerry Zubko."

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